1 agosto 2014

Rest in peace

Just a quick post from a very old laptop I had sitting around at my place. The other day while I was sitting at the dining room table helping DS with school homework I noticed a white message popping up on the screen of my PC. My desk is few meters away from the table so I stood up to check it out thinking it was one of those boring pop-ups you see surfing the net. With a sudden gasp I realize it wasn't ... it stated :" windows found an error on your disk...bla bla bla" and offered to back up. As I hate automatic backups I left my son alone and started backing up manually my folders. The HD held a couple of hours and suddenly died. I managed to back up all my personal files and more or less the half of my scrapbooking archive. All the rest is gone for good. I tried to access the disk from a different OS hoping it was just an error in the TOC (table of contents) or similar, charged a Linux bootable CD to see if I could manage to save something... no hope... the HD was not found. This means it had a hardware fault and that I can smash it in the dustbin! Sigh! But I'll have my revenge down in the cellar.... I'll take an hammer and crush it to little pieces. No way left to steal my privacy. ah ah ah look at my psycho face!!!!

I'd love to offer you the usual freebie but you'll have to way 'till a new HD comes in, around the 5th of August, and I get all up and running again...soon I hope but I do not really know. This old laptop does not support my CS5. 

The good thing is that I thought I loose all my favorites in Chrome but I did not! For those who like me ignore this thing Chrome has this super useful feature in the settings called Advanced Syncro Options. If you have a Google account and you log in, it automatically backs up your bookmarks, passwords and apps and you can access them from another PC wherever you are just by logging in to your account. This made my day today!

Half scrapbook archive gone, mail (from february 2013) gone .....grrr!  Lesson learned : do not be lazy back your things up, Hd fail too!

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