16 September 2010

Third Week Entry

Just a quick post today to show off my latest Layout. It's called Let's meet elsewhere and is also posted over at the Studio for the Layout artist competition. If you know the site and have a little spare time jump over take a look and hopefully vote for me.

I used the frames as inter dimensional gates connecting different realities, each and every "creature" comes from a different places through the gates and along the rainbows  so to meet in this beautiful "elsewhere"


Anonymous said...

I like the way you have done this layout, I think I must try and do something similar next time I am scrapping :o) You have inspired me :o)

Kind regards
Helen from England

Margaret said...

I wish I knew how to "cut out" a person and place them in a scene! it is so cute! I have Photoshop Elements but cannot figure it out yet.