8 June 2010

New post new freebie

The summer season has finally arrived on the lake Garda too, we have 33 Celsius degree today and my hard disks are melting... have flying insects, don't know which type buzzing and eating the wood's roof..... dream for an ice or some cold strawberry juice to drink but I am  too lazy to go outside. Besides DH took the car not the Honda Shadow today so we are on foot and it is  too warm to walk.
A. is playing with his Nintendo and I have some time for blogging. It has been quite a while since my last post but yesterday I saw something interesting on a pay-site and since I am trying my hand at designing, I tried to recreate a similar image starting from that one, just similar as that one is copyrighted ......     la voliĆ :

Some time ago an unnamed lady reading my post dated 3rd of November wrote:"the blue old scrolled paper looks gorgeous .. any chance you could post it as a freebie ? let's hope" , I'm working on it .
I got that image somewhere on the net, probably googling around so I can not share it. But if I spare a little bit of time I'm gonna try to design something similar using that image as an inspiration, if the end result will be decent I'm gonna share it with you.

As you are probably waiting for the freebie, here's the preview:

I'd love to see my freebies in use so if you want you can send me a link to your LO. Take a little time to leave some love , it's always appreciated. The download link for the freebie is hidden somewhere in the post as usual. The password is CarpeDiem.

sorry freebie expired!
Have a great day.

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