3 November 2009

Time is running fast + freebie

Time is really running fast, my last post is dated 19th October, gosh!
I'm trying to keep up with all my goals but it's really hard... days are running away without me noticing it. I posted several layouts over at Hummie's World as I'm taking part in the scrapping goal challenges. I was late in my goals and still I am, and actually I am working on the number 10. I have to do a layout based on pink colors, not my favorite actually. My world is made up of men, so I do not have many pictures suitable for a pink layout... Sometimes I regret missing a baby girl in my life... 
One of the layouts I posted is this:

Wings from Angel by Bridget
Stars : Twinkle stars 1 by miss mint
Font: Old English

My mother in law wrote this prayer for my son and he repeats it every evening before going to sleep. Now she is ill and sadly does not even recognize him. This layout and our prayers are for her.

I translated roughly the prayer :

Dear Jesus child

Be close to me,Stretch out your hand Let me be healthy

Dad and Mom always protect,watch over my little house from heaven above

Make me gentle, docile and nice.

give me the forgiveness of my whims

morning and evening please fulfill my prayer

Dear Jesus child I give you the key to my heart,

Open and close at your pleasure, 

let me accomplish Your Holy will.

Isn't it sweet?

and finally today I have a freebie to share with you, I created this little freebie bow as an experiment and my mother helped me with suggestions on shadows and highlights as she is a very talented painter (not a computer woman sadly). I hope you like it. You can download this freebie  here. I thought  that with Christmas nearing bows are likely more used in festive layouts. I would greatly appreciate to see my  freebie bows in use in your layouts and if you want I can add your layout on my blog for showing off your talent. Drop me a line ....

the bows:

Have a great day! 
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Anonymous said...

hi , thank you for nice bows , but I was really looking at the angel layout + prayer : the blue old scrolled paper looks gorgeous .. any chance you could post it as a freebie ? let's hope