7 February 2010

Supreme Contest

Hi you all,

I'm taking part at the supreme contest over at GoDigitalscrapbooking, it's actually my second try at contest on the web. It's not the best time of the year for me to work on my PC, as I do not have all the time I would. But graciously my DH and DS played together yesterday evening and today for a couple of hour, so I sat down in front for my PC and tried to create a layout for the contest. To tell the truth I am very happy to do layouts, as I always have the sensation not to scrap as much as I would, I keep sorting photos and planning to scrap a LO with them but I seldom succeeded. My English is getting worst.....If someone is reading me I hope to be comprehensible. Rolf.....Here's the lo :


A. loves nature and trees exactly as I do, I suspect he can feel the energy of trees, and nature. For me it's some sort of physical sensation, just like a thrill. As I was a baby girl my grandfather cut a big pine tree and for me it was such a shame i cried almost a week, I felt so sad and lonely and had a deep grief.....

If my family would graciously honor me with some more free time I'm gonna be back soon.

My best wishes to you and your family.......

And enjoy the Carnevale. 

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