21 February 2010

Supreme Contest round 3

I'm back and I am so happy that I made to round three over at GoDigitalscrapbooking.. I created a Layout using the kit they provided and I named it: Delicate Spirits. I wanted to give the idea of the children's spirits arriving into this world into some sort of  Soap Bubbles. Coming through a window open to the other side of the veil through the birth vortex. The atmosphere is magical and the color are pastel green and blue, colors of serenity.

I am strong convinced that our children will save the earth using a new consciousness and paying attention to nature and to the balance and interconnection between every plant, animal, rock and human  sharing the same house, the earth.  Respecting the world around them they will respect them self and save the world. Revolutions have to come from each of us to be effective, things and changes  forced from higher - read states - never work. OK I'm digressing, that's not the place for personal reflections......not now.

Here's the layout made with the kit : fwts- jjscrappingspringy you can find here:

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