14 February 2010

Supreme Contest round 2

So I made it to round 2 of the Supreme Contest over at godigitalscrapbooking. This week was not easy for me, due to anxiety and lack of inspiration. My mind was set elsewhere as we went to the hospital with DS and found out he's got to get his adenoids removed. Big Cry from mom, hidden obviously. I know it is not that bad and that is it quite common and that it's not a difficult surgery but..... you know moms are always scared about children.  I hope we will go though this smoothly and above all fast as I heard you normally have to wait months (from 6 to 11) . A. Can't wait that long, as he breathes quite bad, specially during the night when he sleeps. Let's hope for the best.

So with my son in mind I came up with this Fantasy World, a layout with A. exiting the real world and entering through a door to his personal Fantasy Word.

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