6 September 2009

SAS round 1 is over, get the mini kit freebie in their gallery.

I really worked hard during the last few days and today the first round of the SAS Designer Contest will be over.

Working...... in front of my PC actually, and this is not considered work at my place, just my devouring passion. In any case I spent lots of time sitting on my favorite armchair looking straight in front of me with a concentrate look, I'm definitely a night owl. You know that strange kind of feeling you have ... thinking :" oh my Lord, why does the day have only 24 ours?.... Why don't hire a colf?...   Do you really need to eat 3 times a day?....  Who cares if the apartment is a mess and there seems to have been a bomb blow off? "

Tell me , I'm alone in this crazy thinking or there's someone else ?

I went to bed early in the morning in the last 3 days, around 4 am , and really I don't understand how do I always come to terms with things at the last minute..... But I did it in the end. So as I said the first round is over and I finished my mini- kit.

Is called Nature Masquerade. I found inspiration in nature both real and imitated. For the backgrounds I mostly used pieces of personal nature shots of leaves and such to create a pattern, and turn it upside down and rotate it, until I found a pleasant look. I designed a flower branch using a biedermeir seed flower i crafted last year for Christmas presents, stamped around. The same flower became a shape I used over and over to grate gauze flowers of various types. A reason of pride for me is the torn and curled paper i realized all on my own for the first time.

I must admit I learned a lot during these past few days, it was fun... I hope I'll go through the 1 round, even if I shall not, I'll be happy any way.

Here the previews:

and the close up:

The download link has expired, sorry!

The contest is huge, lots of participants and this means lot of freebies, so hurry there and look around but most of all if you like my mini kit, as soon as the voting start.

 That's all for now, but come back soon  as I will post some add on elements and paper plus some Quick Page during the next days. You will find the download link in the posts as add on freebie links can be posted on personal blog.

Have a wonderful day.

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