22 September 2009

Sas Contest Round 2- freebie

Hi you all,

I finally finished my entry for the second round of the Sas Designer Contest. I created a mini kit called " A deeper kind of friendship". This is the second title I came up with, the first was far to long to be remembered, so I shortened it. The original title was : My angel my Love, a deeper kind of friendship, this first title explained perhaps better the choice to include the little angel in the kit, as I consider my guardian angel as my best friend. But as I said it was too long so I decided to use only the second part, as any best friend can be considered an angel too. So I am in the theme that was requested. Oops I forgot to mention that the theme was : BEST FRIENDS.
We were given a color, a deep pink (ba3175), and starting from it we had to develop a palette and creating a matching kit, with  8 paper background and 12 elements.

My palette is shown in the kit preview and included in the zip-files. Here are the previews:

and a close one :

Links: expired!

 The voting will start today after the submission times ends (15th at 3 pm NY time)  and will end on the 18th in the forum.
The password is CarpeDiem for all 3 files.

I hope you will like my kit and have fun creating with it,

The last three words for today are:
 come back soon

as I will post some add-on during the next days.

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