26 September 2016

Autumn is back and has a freebie too

We are all slowly getting back to scrapping once again after summer, school started 2 weeks ago here at my place and with DS at school I have a little bit more time to scrap. My problem is I have way to many crafting projects going on and only 24 hours a day....and a life too!!! I was forgetting the household.... sniff.... I'm gonna post some of my basketry efforts to let you see them and I was thinking about to sign in at Esty to try to sell my creation. I'm a bit scared by calculating the shipping costs since they should be inserted in advance... no idea how much it is....
As soon as I can I'll drive to the local post office to request some infos....
I'll keep you updated...

The last kit I scrapped with is a real beauty designed by Louise L and it's name is: Songe D'Automne, 130 elements and 22 papers:




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The freebie page is available at Scrap from France and Digiscrapbooking.ch 
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24 August 2016

Sweet tiny love

Just a pub post today to show you all the last kit of Scrap'Angie called Sweet Tiny Love

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my pages with the kit:

18 August 2016

When the connection fails you.... and a freebie

I think that internet could become an addiction but fortunately that's not my case. On August 11th I had a failure on my phone line/connection and nothing worked anymore. No Adsl , no phone calls, no smart tv, no movie on demand, no online playing, nothing. Ds was frustrated and Dh too, I was worried not to be able to respect my commitments with kit going online. I could do nothing about it, I called the phone and internet provider and requested a fix. Sadly it was Thursday the 11 and with the mid-August holiday approaching I had to wait until yesterday, the 17. 
Have you ever noticed how things happen to broken just before major holidays or weekends, same thing with children falling ill when there's no doctor available or you're about to leave for a holiday.... some kind of curse I suppose or maybe Murphy's law, either way it's such a stress.... 
I used the forced off-line time to wash my washable white couch upholstery and doing some extra cleaning... you know the sort of thing you do just once or twice a year....

But now I'm back online and I'm late to show you a new kit by Scrap'Angie called Whisper....

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the freebie:

Please respect our TUOS, mine and Angie's. I love reading your comments therefore should you like my page do leave a word and have a look at Angie's shops , she's a fabulous designer!

Download, password: speranza 


7 August 2016

Olimpiadi + freebie

Summer has literally taken over us... we spent some time with my parents at the seaside in July. August just begun and we already had some wonderful bike rides and spent some time with friends. Alex and I love to watch the olympics games on tv and just cheered on the gold medal in Judo. Wow that boy was spectacular....wow...

I did not have time to scrap but I am happy to show you a beautiful kit by Louise Laudet called " Un monde étrange"....

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my pages with thew kit

the freebie to honor our gold medals :

Download here, psw: speranza

1 July 2016

Souvenirs d'un temps passé

Summer is here, not much time left and therefore I'll go straight to the point:the new kit by Louise L.

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