14 June 2016

New kit by Louise!

Just a quick post tonight to show off the new kit by Louise called Papa I had the pleasure to work with last week! It has 150 embellishments and 24 papers, perfect for all the pictures you'll take on the Dad's day!


in her shops


I love surfing the scrapbooking galleries and sometimes there's a page that catches my attention. I usually save a miniature of  these pages as inspiration. The page I created with louise's kit is a scraplifted version of a page by Ilonka, her page was made with her template set called Love is life.

8 June 2016

School's finally over! freebie

I'm so happy today even if we're having bad weather conditions and looking out of my apartment's windows I only see rain and grey clouds, it looks more like autumn than summer. Nevertheless I'm happy because school is finally over! Summer holidays will last till September and we'll enjoy every minute of them!

I hope I'll have some more time to scrap and do some redecorating at home and time to catch up with my oh way too many passions , Dh is obviously included in the list. He works so hard in summer and he deserves some extra cuddles and snuggles eh eh.

My friends designers concentrated on the past lately and both of them released kits about Middle Ages, Medieval Times, see for yourself:

From Louise the kit called Médiéval, 65 embellishments and 15 papers:


in her shops


My pages with the kit:

But also Scrap'Angie released a kit on the theme, called Medieval Time a real masterwork...

in her shops


my page with the kit

The freebie for today was derived from the above  page:

As usual all my creations are for free and for personal use only.
All I'm asking is a little bit of patience in reading this post's few lines to find the download link which is hidden in the post. 
Once you reach the linked word and you move your mouse over it, it gets highlighted or changes colour (it depends on how you browser setting regarding links are configured). Click it and you will be taken to 4shared.
You will be prompted for a password. The password is:  speranza

PS: if you don't find the link (it's there I grant this) drop me a note or a comment but give me a way to contact you back... , I will be more than happy  to help you out as this is not a treasure hunt, it's just a way to let you read my post. 

Please leave a comment, a little love is always appreciated!

27 May 2016


A new stop in my scrapbooking life.... I got ill, chickenpox got me last weekend and today is my first day of no fever. On the other side I could easily be hired to work in a circus by the looks of my poor face.....

Better late than never I am proud to show you the new kit by Louise Laudet called Delicious:

in her shops


my page with the kit:

And while I was sick in bed she released another beauty, Douce Journée, on sale in all her shops (see above)

Don't miss them!

8 May 2016

Chicken Pox , kits and a freebie

DS is having an unwilling forced holiday from school, Friday during the afternoon he was feeling strange, kind of sick and tired and from his eyes I understood he had temperature. A couple of hours later the first red blisters appeared.  A quick drive to the doctor confirmed my suspicions, chicken pox! The doctor said no school until the last scab has disappeared. Two weeks more or less... It will be quite difficult to keep up with homeworks and school lessons... I just don't want to think about it right now... 
Luckily Dh and I, we had chicken pox already and we shouldn't be infected again.
Free from school I had a little bit of time to scrap again...

Louise released a new kit called Femmes:


in her shops


The new kit by Scrap'Angie is called Life is a a flower:

My pages with this kit:

Photo extraction from Pixabay

The freebie for today:

Download here, password: speranza