7 February 2018

Holiday Memories Kit by Scrap'Angie and QP freebie


Back today to show you my latest page made with the last kit of Scrap'Angie called Holiday Memories...

To be found at:

My page made using the kit:

The freebie, scroll down till the end for the link:

Lately I had the occasion to try different types of crafts besides digital scrapbooking, and I got hooked by Newspaper weaving, which is quite time consuming but very rewarding... I also opened my little store on Etsy even if I do not have many items for sale yet. I 'll add some more during next months. Pay me a visit if you please...

This is my last effort:

Entirely created rolling old paper recycled from newspapers and bread bags, the white tubes are painted with acrylic white colour, the brown are original...

the link you searched for:

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13 November 2017

Countdown to Christmas...

First the new kit by Scrap'Angie that 'll be in store tomorrow:

in her stores:

My pages:

Tonight I'd like to show you some finished projects of mine, 5 candle holders made of painted rolled newspaper, the fommy poinsettias are handmade too. As soon as I figure out how Etsy works I'm going to try to sell them. If you want one just leave me a message and I'll mail you back. They're 15 euro each plus shipping costs. They are ca. 15 cm wide from point to point and there's space for a candle with a diameter of 5 cm! 






31 October 2017

Dark song for Halloween and its freebie

Today I am back to my old love after having left all my creative teams. But I simply could not resist to this kit designed by Angie! I love the colour choice and all the beautiful embellishments she created and I asked her if I could work a couple of pages with it....See for yourself... the kit and the bundle:

in her shops

My pages with the kit:

photos courtesy of Pixabay

and a little freebie too:

download here, password: speranza if you are a 4share user
download su Mediafire: here

There are always debates about Halloween in my country but I have no interest in them and I gladly use any occasion to craft and create and Halloween gives a wonderful opportunity. I decorated the door of my flat, crafted some spiders with rolled newspapers and I hung a Halloween wreath I made last year. I am particularly proud of the paper spiders, they look so real! The spider on the wreath is made with beads and is very cute.....even if I hate spiders!!!!

7 July 2017

Coming back

I neglected the blog for quite a lot of time....
I guess taking some time off was a good choice. Sometimes we need time to refocus. Scrapping was a big part of my life for several years even if I didn't "upgrade" to professional designer and/or seller.
Once I lived in a very small apartment, more or less 45 square meters and digital scrapping was the perfect hobby as it did not require much space, a pc and a desk were enough. Now, 2 years later, we moved to a new bigger flat, I have more space and the spare bedroom is now my private space to craft and create. To iron and to do other house chores too sadly. Part of the shelves is reserved for Ds' school books too. A big ikea wood table is perfect for crafting. I'm gonna post some photos when the room is clean and tidy!!!! But it could actually take a while ....smile...
Meanwhile my crafting horizont expanded and besides digital scrapbooking I got addicted to paper weaving too. It's some sort of therapy. It keeps mind and hands busy...quite a good thing sometimes... Life is not always easy and we had some issues these past months. Nothing major but still we had some struggles to face. My dad has some health problems too and this adds to my worries quite a lot.
Nevertheless I trust life and the powers above, I believe in happy endings and on my side I act to keep us on the right track.

I would love to open my own space on Etsy to sell my paper creations and contributing to the family budget. But to tell you the truth I'm a bit scared, my personal insecurity knocks on my subconscious' door and keeps asking if I'm good enough ...
Ok that's all for now.
Gonna come back soon with some pics.

Have a happy weekend!

27 November 2016

Preparing for Xmas

Just a quick post to let you see what I am preparing for Xmas, some handmade presents for friends and nextdoor neighbors. Having time I'd love to extract one of them and share it with you all as a freebie... maybe during next days....

Happy Sunday!