8 August 2014

Do not buy from Amazon


On July 31, I ordered a hard drive at Amazon, I choose Amazon logistics paying an higher price because of their reputation and quality service. WRONG .... the order took 4 days to be shipped and is handled by the courier Hermes who was supposed to deliver it on 6Th August. On the 6Th in the evening I contacted the courier who claimed to have tried to deliver the box in the afternoon, but I was at home all day waiting and he  did not and in case he did he should have left  a note stating he tried to deliver but nobody was there right? He assured me that he would come on  the 7th by 2 pm...  Guess what: nobody came. At 16.30 the 7th I call him once more and he said: "I'll check and call you back" AH ha ha wait and cross your fingers... nobody called back? The 8th today, and I called him once more, he answered me he that  he has been not operational for two days ... Are you joking - I thought? 
On the site of Hermes delivery was scheduled for the 6th. Three days locked in the house to wait for those who are not and will not take responsibility for their work. That sucks! 
Customer service of Hermes replied to me that they'll try to redeliver on Monday ...  But to try again you must first deliver once or try  ... and that I should complain to Amazon, as saying: I DO NOT CARE .... Reading on the Amazon site I read this: "We recall that is not part of our obligations to indemnify our customers  for delayed or void deliveries." What ?! Which means that if the package arrives in a month or do not arrive it's my business?  The delivery option when ordering was 3-5 days , not 10.... One thing is for certain dear Amazon: you have lost a customer and all his friends .... the next time you take someone else for fool and change courier it sucks! - Angry.


Il 31 luglio ho ordinato un hard disk scegliendo la logistica di Amazon anche a prezzo maggiore convinta di un servizio di qualità. SBAGLIATO.... l'ordine ci mette 4 giorni a partire e viene gestito dal corriere Hermes che lo dava in consegna il 6 agosto. Il 6 sera contatto il corriere che sostiene mentando di essere passato, ma io son stata a casa apposta tutto il giorno e in ogni caso avrebbe lasciato una nota di mancata consegna giusto? mi assicura che sarebbe passato il 7 entro le 14..... non si è visto. Alle 16.30 lo chiamo e mi dice:" controllo e la richiamo". AH ah ah e chi l'ha più sentito? oggi 8 lo richiamo e mi dice è due giorni che non è operativo... ma scherziamo? Sul sito di Hermes la consegna era prevista per il giorno 6. Tre giorni chiusi in casa per aspettare chi non viene e non si prende la responsabilità del suo lavoro. Che schifo! Al servizio clienti di Hermes mi han risposto che ritentano in consegna lunedì: per ritentare occorre prima farle le consegne... e di lamentarsi con Amazon, come dire: ME NE LAVO LE MANI.... Leggendo sul sito Amazon ho letto questo: "Ricordiamo che non fa parte dei nostri obblighi risarcire i nostri clienti per consegne in ritardo o non avvenute." A si?! che significa che se il pacco arriva tra un mese o non mi arriva son cavoli miei? La consegna scelta al momento dell'ordine era 3-5 giorni e non mesi.... Una cosa è certa avete perso un cliente e tutti i suoi amici.... la prossima volta prendete in giro qualcun altro e cambiate corriere che fa pietà!
 — arrabbiata.

1 August 2014

Rest in peace

Just a quick post from a very old laptop I had sitting around at my place. The other day while I was sitting at the dining room table helping DS with school homework I noticed a white message popping up on the screen of my PC. My desk is few meters away from the table so I stood up to check it out thinking it was one of those boring pop-ups you see surfing the net. With a sudden gasp I realize it wasn't ... it stated :" windows found an error on your disk...bla bla bla" and offered to back up. As I hate automatic backups I left my son alone and started backing up manually my folders. The HD held a couple of hours and suddenly died. I managed to back up all my personal files and more or less the half of my scrapbooking archive. All the rest is gone for good. I tried to access the disk from a different OS hoping it was just an error in the TOC (table of contents) or similar, charged a Linux bootable CD to see if I could manage to save something... no hope... the HD was not found. This means it had a hardware fault and that I can smash it in the dustbin! Sigh! But I'll have my revenge down in the cellar.... I'll take an hammer and crush it to little pieces. No way left to steal my privacy. ah ah ah look at my psycho face!!!!

I'd love to offer you the usual freebie but you'll have to way 'till a new HD comes in, around the 5th of August, and I get all up and running again...soon I hope but I do not really know. This old laptop does not support my CS5. 

The good thing is that I thought I loose all my favorites in Chrome but I did not! For those who like me ignore this thing Chrome has this super useful feature in the settings called Advanced Syncro Options. If you have a Google account and you log in, it automatically backs up your bookmarks, passwords and apps and you can access them from another PC wherever you are just by logging in to your account. This made my day today!

Half scrapbook archive gone, mail (from february 2013) gone .....grrr!  Lesson learned : do not be lazy back your things up, Hd fail too!

25 July 2014

July Mixology kit Follow your heart at GSD and freebie

Time is flying, we started this week doing summer vacation school homeworks and discovered they are more than we believed. Result we 'll have to work harder and faster, sigh!

Last week we did a wonderful excursion in the mountain with a dear friend and it was a wonderful day. We walk 6 km one way and 6 km to come back, beyond a big water dam to reach a mountain refuge where we had a little break and a snack. I am not used to go for long walks so the day after I was dead tired and I was not able to walk for several days this week, since I broke my ankle years ago and long walks make it swell and hurt, sigh!

The path:

The kit I worked with this week is part of the July Mixology at GDS and is called "Follow Your Heart" created by Maria Design. As Maria had some personal issues she asked me to help her for the quick pages, cluster and stacked papers for this month. See what I did....

The kit parts you'll find at GDS:

my creative efforts:

Another page I made:

the freebie:

As usual all my creations are for free and for personal use only.
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21 July 2014

Bouquet de Music and its freebie Qp

So sorry for this list of impersonal post, but due to time reasons this is the only thing I can do.... this or no post at all...

The kit I used this time is a beautiful work of Maria designs called Bouquet de Music :

on sale here:

but pay attention 'cause the kit is a bargain this month just 2$ on Tuesdays at GDS, 3$ on Wednesdays at DSB and Super Weekend sale at Scrapping Moments.

my page:

the freebie:

As usual all my creations are for free and for personal use only.
The requested password is:  fortuna

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14 July 2014

Bouquet da Saudade + freebie

Another quick post : have a look at this beautiful kit by Maria Designs called Bouquet da Saudade it's on sale for just 2 $ at GDS on Tuesdays, for 3$ on Wednesdays at DSB and reduced for the Amazing Weekend at SM:


my page:

the freebie:

As usual all my creations are for free and for personal use only.
 Click the link and you will be taken to 4shared.
You will be prompted for a password. The password is:  fortuna

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