3 March 2016

So many things, so little time and freebie

I'm so sorry for having neglected my blog lately, but life was and is very demanding. It's my fault too, I must admit it, since I'm experimenting with new crafts and hobbies and therefore I cut down my time in front of the computer. Add to all this that, helping DS with his homework and studies, I'm "de facto" attending junior high school again and you'll have the perfect picture. 
So many things to do and so little time. 
Plus I'm enjoying spending the evening hours with my husband as he's gonna start working for the next summer season soon and my time with him will dramatically decrease , that's why. I tried a new television service called Infinity and for the price of 2 cappuccinos we can enjoy a full month of movies and serials. We've already seen The River, Forever and we're now watching the second season of "Orange is the new Black".  We love sitting on the sofa together , with some biscuits or nuts and spending time together watching television.
The afternoon as I said is for Alex and school and the morning is for all the rest (house chores and so on and a bit of crafting)

I bought a series of video lessons at Craftsy to learn to knit socks too and I totally love it and I'm also learning to weave basket and boxes using old newspapers and old exercise books of Alex from the elementary school . Add that I'm planning which flowers to use for the balconies too, I so do love flowers and for the first time in my life my orchid bloomed twice this year! Wow! They used to die in my previous apartment.....

As for digital scrapbooking the kit for today is Oriental dream by Scrap'Angie available as a single kit or as a bundle with all its add-ons:

on sale at:

my page with the kit:

the freebie:

Download, psw: speranza

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