22 January 2016

Ups and downs , kit and freebie

Hi there

Today started out as a good one, everything seemed to be working the usual way...'till DS came back crying from school.
How I hate school....
It's just so wrong the way they try to stuff notions and more notions in kids' heads. Little or no attention to who the kid is, what inclination he or she has. They just want them made into little soldiers, acting in the very same way and conforming to the old and wrong (most of them) standards of society. It's all about rules and tests and "vomiting out" on request all they learned by heart . You fail in that, you're out.
Ds is at school every morning and comes home for lunch. At around 13.30 he starts studying and doing his school homework. 13 subjects to be learned, 2 foreign languages among them. Believe me when I say, it takes him 4-5 hours each afternoon to have it all done. Not to mention that with the end of the first 4 months term , oral and written tests take place two or three times a week and these need some extra study-time.
And since life for a 11 years boy should not be only school lets add a Taekwon do training twice a week.
I feel so sad..... almost depressed. 
I'd love to spend some time with my son doing something fun, something that bonds us together, not only school stuff and not only me getting mad at him to have it all done on time. 
I feel like I'm losing his childhood, losing him... gosh ... I'm on the verge of tears....
When he's finally done with school, it's seven or eight in the evening and he rightfully just wants to relax playing with his construction bricks or with his game console, watching cartoons or reading a comic.
To add a new stone to my basket today he was beaten at school too.
The nightmare starts again, when will it be over? When? I just want this all to come to an end.
He lent a pencil to a boy in the class and at the end of the lesson he asked to have it back. I do not know what happened in between but he was punched in the eye by this boy and all the reaction he had when he got this reported to the teacher was the request to both to keep their hands in their pockets.
I was infuriated when he told me so, teachers know his past, how he already suffered at primary school because of bullism, nevertheless here we are again.
I was infuriated with him too, 5 years martial arts, black belt examination next May, and he got punched by another 11 year old boy in the classroom? What was all that training for? He said :" I did not want to be in the wrong so I opted not to punch him back but choose to go to the teacher"
Yeah, good boy..... but she did nothing....
This is what I learned: to be fair and act good , is correct but in the real world you have to be the one who punch first and harder if you want to survive otherwise they'll just step over you.
Sad, wrong, unfair but true. 
Shall I teach him this lesson too? I don't want to...my child is wiser than I am, he and, I hope, more children like him are going to build a better world, a safer and right one...despite all this.

On to scrapbooking, the new kit by Scrap'Angie is called Purple Poison and it's sold in two parts at Digital Crea in the collection "les Essentiels":

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Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks a lot for the QP. Hope things settle down for your son in school...terrible to be bullied and teacher not correct the problems!

Danni said...

Dear Marzia,

I wish I could get your beautiful QP, but I have searched more than 30min in the text and have no link found...
Is there any way that you can help me??
You can send me a message on Facebook if you like

Hugs, Danni