16 June 2015

The Palio: we had the fifth place, sigh! Freebie in Louise's Boutique!

I had quite a full week .... we took part to the Palio challenges here in my village, and it was real fun! I took part in the tug of war ( ouch !!! my hands) and in the final group dancing! We danced using the song Candy Man by C. Aguilera. I never had so much fun where I lived before! Some pictures....

and the video of the dance,  filmed in two parts:

Back to scrapbooking I'd love to show  you the new kit by Louise Laudet called The Man of my Life:

on sale at:



my pages:

there is also a freebie by Louise at Digiscrapbooking.ch:

click the image to reach the shop!

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