1 December 2014

Bargain prices and freebies

Today I went with DS to see a orthopedist. 
We noticed that he seems to walk in a peculiar way, his left foot keeps pointing slightly outwards when he walks. The doctor was very scrupulous, he checked everything. 
Ds is healthy, his vertebral column is perfect just like the rest of his bone structure but his left foot tends to bend inside when he loads up on it and the weight force the foot itself to slightly rotate outwards. We can correct this wrong posture reinforcing his foot muscles and to do this he will need to wear an orthopedic insole for 6-12 month.
I am happy because it's nothing serious and he does not need any surgery, but my wallet actually isn't happy at all as the medical check up costed 92 Euros and the insole will cost another 200.  Uff! 

Back to scrapbooking, I'd like to suggest you to have a look again at a kit I worked with in September. It's Spring Gardening by Maria designs: it is currently reduced by 50% in all her stores...


my pages:

made to take part to the September Template Challenge at DDR with a template provided by Papier Studio Silke

for this second page I scraplifted a page I saw on Studio Flergs using the kit Ice Queen.

The first freebie for today is the small wordart in Italian I created in September and used on the first page:

Download, psw: fortuna

The second kit is created by Scrap'Angie, it's her December creative box at Digital Crea: 

A Winter day

my pages:

The second freebie:

My freebie are for personal use only, read and respect my TOU, thanks.

Download, password: fortuna

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