1 January 2014

Last pages and a freebie

Being part of the Supremes is taking me a lot of time but I must admit I enjoy every minute of it. This means that I have no time for putting up freebies as I was used to. Partly because of the lack of time but mostly because I am not allowed to.

Nevertheless I decided that even if I can not share the quick page itself  I can share the design..... from the pages I created using my creativity only I can create a page template using CU shapes or shapes embedded in photoshop. In this way I respect the restrictions of the CT about the use of the kit, since no part of it is included in the template not even a shape, and starting with a template you'll be able to create a similar page using the kit I am showcasing or a kit of your choice.....

These are the kits I had the pleasure to work with lately:

first one:

my pages using it:

second one:

my pages:

for this one I'm thanking Petr Kratochvil for his beautiful photo he shares at PublicDomainPictures

Third one:

My pages:

Credits: Santa Fill my Stocking by Dana's Footprint Digital Design,Early Dark template by Mary John and Petr Kratochvil at Public Domain Pictures for the pic.

Using this last one as a guide I created a template I'm offering today:

As usual all my creations are for free and for personal use only.
Please do leave comments I love reading them.
You will be asked for a password to download the file which is: fortuna

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Tammy Morgan said...

Beautiful template! Thank you so much!