11 November 2013

Back with an update and freebie

It has been a long time since my last post....

Life goes on , DH finished the touristic season and is at home again, DS is doing fine at school and I learned my lesson the hard way this year.
Dear Universe, dear God, Destiny whatever you name is, I Understood, no need to repeat the lesson. I will never ever complain on my life anymore. So no need to put me on my knees again. And as I am a good girl, the one who learned the hard way, now I need a reward....time for candies..... abundance .... in every way. 

Do you think my request will be heard? I really hope so....

I am trying to scrap for pleasure lately and I decided to take part to the Supreme Team Contest 16 at GoDigitalscrapbooking here with this page:

Credits: Andrea Gold- Chances are

Hop by the site if you have a little time and drop me a comment!

And since it has been so long I will offer you a freebie... image is linked, click it ... the password is: gigli

Info on the kit Orange Pep are on this post here.

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Av said...

Many thanks :)