20 July 2013

Giving up!

Maybe I am just sad.... 
maybe I am just tired...
but today I realized that wasting all this time in scrapping for pubs it's not fun any more. 
I get the kit I am working with as reward for my efforts and not enough comments or thanks.... Although nobody is obliged to leave comments or thanks, I am free to quit too.
I am going to post some freebies now and then based on my designs or pages I made but not on a regular basis and I'll be leaving the CT too. 

So thanks to all of my reader and subscribers, 
thanks to my loyal commenter,
thanks to the kind ladies I got to know... 

I am not closing the blog therefore feel free to pop by to see how I am doing and I will be very happy if we manage to stay in touch.

There will be one more page on the 22nd, it was scheduled....at the end of August I am taking down all the freebies so download the ones you want before that.

My step mother is dying and DH needs me, 
my son needs me too 
and I need some "me" time that makes me feel happy, not obliged to do something and guilty for stealing time from my family.

Thanks for having taken the time to read my bla bla bla over last 3 years.... come back if you want.

Be well! My best wishes to you all!



NathL said...

hello Marzia, so sorry the moment is so heavy and sad. Take time with your family, of course!
About, comments, well, nobody has a lot of comments, some have a little generaly from friends... if you are not paying for online storage please do not retire the freebies from the blog.
I see a lot of new scrapperrs coming and discovering old freebies :)

find some freebies for you too on my blog and maybe in few month try scrapping for yourself, with friends in a little forum. This is important to keep those links, did you ? I realize that designers tend to let this bedide of course it's a matter of time too!
takde care of yourself, your family and your friends :)
Nathalie alias NathL from France

NathL said...

about comments: the captcha is very hard for a lot of people too, sometimes I have to repeat 2 or 3 times beacause I don't see very well...
when you leave comments to other, you can see how it could be upsetting, aren't you ?

Margarett said...

Hello, I have just found your blog and am disappointed to hear that you are not getting the respect for your hard work that you deserve. I have only just seen the one quickpage on CBH free site, but I love it. I hate to see you leave as I have just found you.. but you are so right.. family and real life always take first place as is only right. I hope you do not mind my browsing your site a bit before you take it down.

Thank you in advance for any goodies I may download.


carolynf said...

Sorry to see you go with your freebies. However, I will return to read what is happening in your life.