29 May 2013

Country of many talents, new kit and freebie

Today I would love to talk a bit about my country, Italy. As Italians we are not so patriotic as Americans but in a more soft way we are still proud of our country with all its merits and faults. We are undergoing a difficult economical trend , national newscasts talk about recession and people start to feel how the situation is getting worse day after day. Lots of debts, factories and shops closing down,a lot of unemployed... some can not pay the bank loan for their houses, some others wait a better time to buy children's braces... everything is getting more expensive and our political situation is a real mess. But we still are a country of courageous men and women, hard workers, fighting with tooth and nail for what we still believe in: family, honesty and again hard work. My heart shatters each time I hear that another small businessman has committed suicide because he is compelled to close his business and let his workers on the dole, devastated because he just can choose whether to pay them or the unpaid invoices and taxes.
There are lots of prejudices about Italy and Italians the whole world always remember Italy for pizza or Mafia and similar. We haven't invented only pizza! Our nation was the cradle of the Roman Empire, the home of a lot of artists like Vivaldi and Verdi and great scientists like Marconi or Galileo Galilei.
Ludovico Einuadi is a proof that my country is not dead and it still has got great ideas and great men and women.
Stop remembering us for pizza, we are more than this!

Talking about scrap booking Scrap'Angie and Kastagnette are releasing today a new collab kit called Dreamy Island perfect for scrapping summer photos if only summer starts.


my pages made with the kit:

The freebie:

As usual all my creations are for free and for personal use only.
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SiskiyouSue said...

I hear Americans lamenting our bad economy all the time, unaware that we actually have things better than many Europeans do. My heart bleeds for those who work and live and pay taxes only to find that money has somehow filtered past them upwards into the pockets of the already wealthy. I hope we can all work together to find a way to fix this before there is nothing left!

Anonymous said...

I have to say your letter about Italy was sweet and I do love Italy and I don't like pizza much. I love the country side and all the people and like your country we in America have been undergoing the same thing businesses closing down and food prices soaring as well as people losing there home and very greedy people getting rich off the little people. There has not been people killing themselves but that will happen if it gets worse I am sure. What is happening to this world and why is this happening some say it's because we don't make products much here any more and China is getting rich were other countries are getting poor. Why can't we all just share the products.......