7 April 2013

My blue mood kit , my real blue mood and a freebie

I have no good news as you can understand from the title. 
I am fed up with everyone and everything and I strongly hope this will soon be over. Dh is still searching for a new job and I hope he is gonna find a new one soon... and DS is going crazy at school. He is probably reacting to the stress we are all having at home and so he just can not handle the usual cruel  jokes of his schoolmates too, their continue calling him names or laughing at him. He is a sensitive child and is prone to burst into tears. Everything goes well until he endures all this bullying without reacting , just like when in the first class he was shoved and fell on some sort of traffic cones in the school garden reporting heavy scratches on  the neck (just an inch from the artery) or when in the second class is was pushed down the stairs and we had to take him to the ER at the local hospital, but when he has an emotional outburst or flares up in some irrational way , well then it's not OK any more and I am summoned by the teacher because of his behaviour... I am fed up .... I am sad for him and angry with them... and I am scared too... scared because we all knew what can happen to bullied children , we all watch television , isn't it?
So I am blue, all this difficulties put me definitely in a blue mood.

My Blue Mood is also the name of the new kit of Scrap'Angie.

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Anonymous said...

It makes my heart sad to think your beautiful boy is being bullied. Doesn't the school care? ie the principal should do something. Meanwhile I shall pray for your situation if that's okay? Thank you for your blue Qp it is beautiful. Hugs Elee

NathL said...

thank you for this lovely QP :)

NathL said...

I shared it on my blog with my favorite freebies :)
thanks again :)

Feli said...

Thank you for the beautiful quickpage!! I am so sorry to read of all the troubles your little boy is having!! Mine will start school next year and I am so afraid of letting him go into this ugly world :-(
I wish you all the best, lots of strength and love him no matter what, that is all he needs!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to read that your son, and subsequently, you as well, are victims of childhood bullying. Please know that my thoughts and prayers for strength and comfort will be with both of you.
Although your "Blue Mood" creation was conceived in sadness, it is a lovely work that I am sure will be used to bring happiness to many.
Thank you for sharing.