3 April 2012

Ciao nonna and a freebie to honour her memory

If you follow my blog maybe you saw a layout starring my son and my grandmother, his old granny, together. It was a sign , a prophetic one for me the fact that I scrapped that photo. A few days afterwards I got to know she was brought to the hospital because of pneumonia. She was 91 and she never came back home again. She left to meet our heavenly father yesterday right after midday. I feel sad and relieved at the same time  because she was very ill, and her life during the last 15 years was filled with suffering. Now she's at Home, near her husband and her son, free and serene. 

I love you nonna. All my best childhood's memories were together with you. Grazie!

Here is the layout I mentioned above:

credits: Passion Violette by Scrap'Angie

And here the freebie page in her memory:

As usual all my creations are for free and for personal use only.
All I'm asking is a little bit of patience in reading this post's few lines to find the download link which is hidden in the post. 

Sorry freebie expired!

PS: if you don't find the link (it's there I grant this) drop me a note or a comment but give me a way to contact you back... , I will be more than happy  to help you out as this is not a treasure hunt, it's just a way to let you read my post.

Please leave a comment, a little love is always appreciated!

Ps 2: There's a little error on the preview, the page is the QP 2 not the QP1, please be patient! You will download the right page ....no worries.


Angelika said...

Thank you for sharing
from Angelika from Photography Tips

Anonymous said...

RIP for your old granny

Patricia Adriana said...

Gracias .......... es bellisimo y hermosa abuela!!!!!!!!!!!!! besitos

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely QP. It is always hard to lose a loved one, Your nonna looks like a lovely lady and you were lucky to have her in your life. Remember the good times you shared...