28 October 2011

Tribute to Marco Simoncelli

Today I'm going to dedicate a post to a young rising star who left us all behind. 
A post for Marco Simoncelli. 
I am not a fan of sports but at my place we love to watch Motorcycle races, the Moto GP, all the three of us sitting on the sofa, yelling and screaming and jumping at each overtake or risk manoever  for our beloved champions. 
Our favourites are Valentino Rossi and Marco Simoncelli his successor. Valentino is the king champion and  already won all that was possible to win, Simoncelli was the next in the row, a great promise, a fresh face,a real good guy. 
He left us during the last race. I'm sure he is now at Home, teaching Angels to ride faster and faster.
We will miss him!
Ride free, Marco!


Heather said...

How thoughtful of you, and what a beautiful tribute you have created.

Margaret said...

Lovely tribute. Love your art! I hope I am calling it correctly.