5 July 2011

Sorry for my error

I'm sorry for my error of yesterday, I corrected the link and now it will link you to the US Flag. Thanks Magnolia for your kind message. To the 4 anonymous who left such rude comments on my first error, I hope you had a marvellous 4th of July, please do not come back. There are so many way to leave a comment, rudeness is a poor choice. My freebies are free as the word says the only thing I ask is to read the post to find the link, which gets highlighted when you hover the mouse on it. If you find my "little game" a waste of time or a frustrating thing you are free to leave.
The link, is now correct.


Anonymous said...

Wow why would someone be rude to you??? Ugh the nerve of some people.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marzia,
Thank you for the flag. Please accept my apology for anyone being rude to you! You deserve much better than than! Thank you again for your generosity to all of us "unknowns" out here in cyberland. You are most kind. - and very talented!