30 March 2011

Let's do something for our children future + related freebie at the bottom

A couple of days ago I was surfing the net on one of my favourite sites, Angeli.net where I found a very touching message. It's not new, it was recorded in 1992 but it's terribly relevant today also. 
This brave girl was giving a speech at the O.N.U. about protecting and preserving the planet for us, our children and the future generations. Just look what is happening in the world, nuclear disasters, pollution, desertification and so on. I hope there will still be places to go for a walk in the future as we did last summer in a protected area of the Dolomiti Mountains. A fantastic place with waterfalls, rushing torrents and luxuriant nature, the LO is called Nature Boy.

Credits: Nature Kit By Eva Kipler for Scrapper's Guide Premier March 2011

Now on to the speech. I beg you all to spend 5 minutes to listen to this wise young girl, I promise you will not waste your time.... it will give you something to think of, specially if you have children, just like me. What future are we building for them? I am convinced that each of us can make the difference, if I change my style of life in a more Earth friendly manner and my next-door neighbour will act the same, and his next-door neighbour too... well we will change the world and save the planet and our children future. Don't you agree? I try to buy local and seasonal vegetables, I use my bicycle or go on foot when I can, I differentiate my garbage, teach this to my son and having the money I would surely rely on solar power for electricity and house heating, I would buy a hybrid car. What can you do for your future? For our future? 


Now on to the freebie I promised, it is once again a flag , the O.N.U. flag. The download link is hidden inside the post as usual, please take time to read the post as if you hover your mouse on the word linked to the freebie, the link gets highlighted. 

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CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Quick Page(s) post on Mar. 31, 2011. Thanks again.