19 February 2011

No need to be rude!

I published my latest freebie yesterday. The word itself  "freebie" means I do not want to be paid for my efforts in creating scrapbook stuff. The only thing I ask for is the patience to read through to post to find the link. The freebie hunter does not even have to read it as if you hover the mouse on the lines, once you reach the link, the word gets highlighted and underlined. It does not seem so stressful or complicated to me... what do you think?
Well today I am very disappointed, here is the last message I received :

dear Brenda :

- finding the link is not so hard 
- I checked the link and it is working ( maybe you need some Internet lessons)
- You're not obliged in any way to pick my stuff or visit my blog
- I moderate my comments to avoid spam, sexual references etc.
 I decided not to publish the comment under the post of yesterday , instead I give you full visibility , a post just for you, to show my other 8125 happy visitors, that in the world there  are also people like you.
By the way, I check my blog once a day but not surely at 6 in the morning when you left your rude comment, I answer to all requests and comments and I would have answered to you also if your profile on blogger would have been public. 

Ok that's all for today.


Patti said...

Marzia.... remember that you can't please all the people in the world. I know that the digital designers work VERY hard to design their art and then a lot of the designers share their work for free with us (the lucky ones!).

Is it frustrating when you find a link that doesn't work? Yes. But hey, that stuff happens! And usualy once the designer is aware of it, it's fixed.

Is it frustrating when a link has expired? Yes. But some designers choose to share for a day or a week and then put it in their stores. Again it's the designer's perogative! After all, it's THEIR work / art!

I'm always amazed at how mad someone will get because something FREE isn't immediately available.

After all, when it's FREE, that means that the designer is sharing their work with us. I always appreciate this generosity!

So remember Marzia... you can't please all of the people all of the time, but YOU DO please a LOT of people! (Sometimes finding the link IS hard but I treat it as a big of a game!)

Thanks again for all that you share with us!

Patti in Dallas, Texas, USA

Patti said...

Also for challenges, have your checked out "Stuff to Scrap"?


Let us know if you find someplace where you join in the challenges!