27 February 2011

Snow and a freebie

A thing I would not expect in February is snow, but it happened. I was looking out of the window today as I glimpsed traces of snow falling down. We do not have snow on the Garda Lake, maybe just once or twice in ten years. 
But today we had snow.....
Inspired by snow I am gonna post a Winter LO:

credits: Fanfan-Rue des Anges_ChristmasFantasy

Inspired by the Lo I created a similar template to share with you as a freebie:

Link expired!

19 February 2011

No need to be rude!

I published my latest freebie yesterday. The word itself  "freebie" means I do not want to be paid for my efforts in creating scrapbook stuff. The only thing I ask for is the patience to read through to post to find the link. The freebie hunter does not even have to read it as if you hover the mouse on the lines, once you reach the link, the word gets highlighted and underlined. It does not seem so stressful or complicated to me... what do you think?
Well today I am very disappointed, here is the last message I received :

dear Brenda :

- finding the link is not so hard 
- I checked the link and it is working ( maybe you need some Internet lessons)
- You're not obliged in any way to pick my stuff or visit my blog
- I moderate my comments to avoid spam, sexual references etc.
 I decided not to publish the comment under the post of yesterday , instead I give you full visibility , a post just for you, to show my other 8125 happy visitors, that in the world there  are also people like you.
By the way, I check my blog once a day but not surely at 6 in the morning when you left your rude comment, I answer to all requests and comments and I would have answered to you also if your profile on blogger would have been public. 

Ok that's all for today.

18 February 2011

No posts on valentine's day but I do have a freebie to share now!

I did not have the chance to add a post to the blog until today and I am not keeping up with the projects I had... sigh... I tried to post once a week adding also a freebie but I failed. Last post was on the 7th so I am definitely late.... Ok. I wanted to post a Lo and a freebie on Valentine's day but  I  had no time left so I am gonna do it now. The LO I chose was about a bouquet of flowers my DH gave to me on a past Valentine's Day. 

I am not a fan of pink and as I find this LO scheme I created is very versatile, last summer I changed the colors and created  another LO.  This time for the marvellous Sunday we spent at the zoo. We took a lot of pictures. My son had so much fun and was really thrilled by the Dino-exposition. I will post some more pictures of the zoo visit as soon as I can.... 

Tag from junianas_letstalkaboutlove
Sparkle from Miss Priss Gem set by Holly Ann Swartz
TMSStarMask2 from Twin Mom Scraps
Swirls from cmdz_glitterdoodle

Now on to the freebie. I choose a ribbon again , a plain one with a touch of lace I created myself entirely.

As for the last ribbon banner you can leave it as it is or you can add some words or love signs on the top of it to suite your LOs. I hope you'll have fun with it and please take time to leave a little love, it's always a pleasure to read your comments, feel free to leave also critics and suggestions as I find they are a good way to learn. 

Link expired!

7 February 2011

Valentine's Day is , still 8 days to go! Freebie at the bottom.

I got the flu.....me too, I was the last one to fall sick and now I take antibiotic to heal my throat, but they hurt my stomach so much that I prefer temperature and pain to them. I still have 2 lines temperature after 4 days, luckily only in the evening so I can keep up with house chores and my son's school homework.
I am a little bit sad as my favourite site turned off all free of charge challenges and set up a monthly fee to take part in challenges. Sad sad sad. I cleared off all of my LO from their gallery as I shall not be able to manage my personal gallery anymore. I decided to leave ... it's not because of the fee, but I would prefer to be paid for scrapping not the opposite. 
The last page I posted was about me. 

Stitched Alpha and Bow by CompDesignz at http://compdesignz.blogspot.com/

On to the next argument, San Valentino is slowly arriving. We, DH and I, don't do anything particular on that day. We tried to go out for a pizza a couple of years ago, but it's almost impossible to find a place free and the pizza is not so well cooked when there are too many customers and the chefs are under stress. So I think we will stay at home and watch a movie on TV. But nevertheless I have something to share with you . A new freebie I created for this day. A set of three banners you can customize by adding words on the top of them, at your liking, ore use them as they are. Please read my TOU , all my work is Personal Use Only, I would love to see my efforts in use so if you use them and you send me a link to your LO I would be more than happy, I could also publish LO on my blog if you want.

Here's the preview:

The download link is hidden in the post as usual, please take time to leave a little comment, it really makes me happy when I find a new comment on my post.
I hope to come back soon with new freebies , until then, I wish you all the best!
Sorry link expired!