31 January 2011

January is over not so the flu! Freebie at the bottom

I was really convinced we would not get the flu this year. Wrong.....I forgot an important detail....school. A. goes to school and schoolrooms are a real incubation paradise for viruses. This is how we fell into it. It all started with a minor cold, just a couple of sneezes and we were done. A. got temperature 38°, the all day on Wednesday and he is now recovering, but now it's DH turn. He has temperature too plus a pharyngitis. He started antibiotics yesterday. What about me? My nose is running a bit, but I am holding on. You know, mother simply must hold on, and in fact tomorrow after leaving A. at school I have to walk all the way to town to pay the scheduled taxes for January. Couple of  kilometers, I thing I will do a pit-stop for breakfast downtown for a cup of cappuccino and a brioche, just as little encouragement.
We were supposed to leave for Egypt in February for a short holiday but I had a problem with a tooth  last month and the holiday-money was needed by the dentist..... he will leave on holiday with it, or buy another Porsche, who knows. It was not the right moment to fly to Egypt in any case, just have a look on TV. Far too dangerous. The only thing remaining are memories of last summer when A. and I spent a week at the sea. 
Here's a little LO of that time:

Little dog by friendly scrap
Summer dream sea by collab Girls Creations

We had such fun..... now on to the freebie freely inspired by the element of Fanette I tried my hand and created a string frame I hope you will enjoy. It's personal use as usual and the link for downloading it is hidden in the post and the password is CarpeDiem.

VoilĂ  the preview:

Sorry link expired!

 Have a wonderful day and remember to leave a little comment it is always appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

muttidesaski said...

know I know how to do... thank you

nanou0146 said...

Merci pour ce freebie