7 December 2010

Freebie links

I am happy to receive messages on the blog , that shows your interest, thanks a lot. Dear C. from Paris  (how lucky you are living there) sadly I can not contact you back, but if you read the post , or move the mouse around in the post the link will pop up (you're gonna find a underlined word). That is the link. I decided to use this strategy to encourage people to read the post too and to get to know me a little bit. I love to have friends around the world, and this blog is a good chance. So please be patient and try again and most of all thanks a lot for your interest.

I played with swirls and such and struggled my way out with typing inside a shape...I'm quite happy with the result.

Text: I don’t really feel like writing about myself as I am quite shy. So I decided to share with you these few wisdom words about living a wonderful life, that I found on the net.
“ Love yourself. Accept who you are and make peace with where you are at this moment in time. Don’t wait for the world seal of approval, be happy now. Be your best friend. Make time each day to enjoy the pleasure of your company. Do the things that make you smile. Appreciate the things that make you YOU. Try, take chances. Trust yourself, even if you make mistakes. Life can be messy and confusing but it can also be surprising.
The next rock on your path might be a stepping stone. Remember that joy is where you find it. When you do not have what you want, want what you have. Make do. It’s a well kept secret of contentment. Know that there aren’t any shortcut to tomorrow. You have to make your own way. It is not always easy. It takes a strong spirit, an open mind and a willing heart. But you have all those and more. Life is not days and years. it’s what you do with time and with all the goodness that’s inside you.
Make a wonderful life, the kind of life you deserve

M basic shape by me
Overlay_Lightscratches by ? (let me know if you recognize it)
overlay papillonspailleté noir ((let me know if you recognize it)

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