5 July 2010

Parchment freebie link.

Just a quick post today to deal with the hidden link in my last post. Some ladies had difficulties in finding the download link, it is there I can assure you, it  is only hidden in the post. I chose this method of playing with a hidden link to encourage my readers to read or at least to scroll through the post. I love to get to know people all around the world and hear stories from them and what I realize is that even if  they  live overseas or on the other side of the planet  they still  have the same problems, worries etc with children relatives friends family work or whatsoever that  I have. It is somehow comforting me, it gives me the strength to hold on in oh-oh times, so to say...
back to the link, take a look at my shout box on the right side of the blog, there's a hint..... the password is CarpeDiem.
It's expired sorry (19/04/2012)

Have fun!!

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