21 June 2010

Spaziale plus freebie

Some time ago we spent an afternoon at the natural science museum, we went to see a science fair. I was really impressed by the interest Alexander showed. He paid attention to the guide explanation all the time and was still re-explaining everything to us that evening too. I think he likes science very much  and in fact some time ago I found him hooked in front of the TV watching a documentary about the CERN. I do not know if he  really understood all that was explained, he is only 6, but his interest was genuine. His grandparents knowing this bought him a toy telescope and he really loves it.

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Speaking of freebies , I have got something to share, a new freebie called Space Suit:

the download link is hidden somewhere in the post as usual, please take time to leave a little love.
The password is CarpeDiem. 

Sorry freebie expired!

Here's also a little video interview about the fair :

Courtesy TerritorioScuola

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