28 June 2010

Magical Scene

I love using photoshop even if there is always sooo much to learn, I do learn something new everyday. I am really in love with magical , fantasy scene and layouts. I have seldom tried to design something like that without using a pre-made page but last may I received two photo enlargements prints for free and I finally decided to try to design that fantasy page that was somewhere hidden in my head. So I googled around for a suitable background, searched the drives for leaves and wings and fairies and gave it a try.
Here's the result:

Magical scene credits:
Wordart: All of the magic by Tina chambers ( lost the credit info so if you recognize your work please let me know)
Overlay Frame:The Grungy Overlays Blog Freebie ©2007 BeeZeeBee Designs/Brynn Marie Dukes
Wings: Fairy_wing_brush_by_farmerstochter
Fairies: SS-pixies by Stephanie Shimerdla (www.brushes.obsidiandawn.com)
Sparkles: SS-sparklies by Stephanie Shimerdla (www.brushes.obsidiandawn.com) and Scrappers Guide Fairy Dust
Mushrooms and Unicorn from the site Wee Faerie RIng
background found googling around (?)


Bernie said...

wow for a first try this is fantastic! Actually, it's fantastic full stop, LOL!! You did a great page, a beautiful scene! Hope you'll do more of these!!
Bernie x

Annalisa said...

Che bel folletto,fatto veramente bene.