10 June 2010

Freebies at the biorust competition.

Hi there

Today I posted my entry at the Biorust site. In case you have not heard of it they are having a brush competition with beautiful and valuable prizes too.
I decided to try my luck and posted a set of brushes too.

I hold on to the parchment theme and designed two gray scaled parchment and three border samples, as I know that creating teared border is soooo boring.

If you are signed up at the site you'll have the chance to get the entries for free, isn't it fantabolous......so hurry up to the Biorust, I am on the 4th page.

freebie expired!

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Barbara said...

I just found your sweet comment on my blog! How fun that you ride, too. I am SO jealous of your ride to the castle. Oh, that makes me drool! I have visited Germany often and it's a dream of ours to one day ride through the Alps...