15 April 2010

What we can do!

Something I love of Photoshop is the possibility to change a SO SO photo into something you can show your parents relatives etc with a little bit of pride. Some time ago a friend of mine was showing me some photos of her children. She has the blessing of 5 children, each of them so beautiful and sweet you would not believe it. She was regretting that the photo was not so good and she wouldn't probably be able to make a wall painting out of it. She sighted. So I told her that maybe I could help, even if I am not an artist nor  a  genius in PS. I took a little bit of time and than I decided to cut the children out of the photo and reconstruct a scene behind them. The final composition is not so bad, it is pleasing. I still gotta learn something on perspective but thanks to Ps and Granny Art (for the furniture) this friend of mine will have her wall painting. 

This the photo I got from her:

And this is my creation:

What do you think? Any suggestion? I would love to read some comments from you and or suggestion to improve my abilities.


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