12 September 2009

Thanks a lot!!

Thanks to all of you!!!!

Thanks for having voted for me, I made it through, now I'm on round two at the SAS Designer contest. Have you already been on the Gallery ? There are really beautiful mini kits you can download for free over there.... not to mention the add-ons each designer published on its personal blog. You know what, as we were all given the same color palette, if you collect them all, you'll end up with a huge mega kit. There's a lot of talent spreading around.... don't forget to leave some love, is always much appreciated.

Now I am working on round two, I had no ideas, really, yesterday I was struggling with colors..messing it all up again and again... But obviously I'm a night owl because after dinner when D.S. went to sleep, I sat there with little or less effort I ended up with 13 backgrounds. enough for the kit and some add ons.... All I can tell you is that this time we have to figure out our own color palette and hang to the theme "best friends".

Come around in a couple of days and I'm gonna  have something for you..... once again thanks a lot to all of you for having helped me through and leaved some love both here and on 4Shared. Thanks , thanks, thanks.

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