27 August 2009

What do you think about vaccines? and about getting vaccinated? Well I was just surfing the net yesterday when I saw a video about the last pandemic  swine flu, the lady pointed out that the USA president is going to oblige the population to get vaccinated, does that make sense to you? well I am not a USA citizen , I thought, good for me , I still have a choice.... but then today during the news I heard that also Italy is going to vaccinate 40% of the population, starting from key -jobs such as nurses, doctors etc till children and older people. 

It's not clear at the moment , I do not understand, why should we get the injection against  this flu? If you ever looked the statistics about the seasonal flu the number of death is higher....... So I think , OK, let's give the vaccine to the elder, the people with serious diseases, just like immunodeficiency or coronary heart diseases , they are not strong enough to endure the flu. But why should an healthy person get the vaccine? To spare a couple of days of  temperature, cough and muscle soreness? The vaccine is chemical , God only knows what's inside..... Rumours on the net pointed out on mercury which is highly toxic.... Only rumours?????   Who knows....

I don't know what to think and do. In any case the vaccine, as I heard won't be sold freely.... You really need a medical prescription and need to go to the hospitals to get it . 

Let's wait and see....
Just think about it.... are we really free to decide on our health?

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