26 August 2009

After struggling hard for more than a couple of days, here's the result, my new blog. I'm quite happy .... The design is mine, I created the papers , feathers, angels I scanned from somewhere I forgot (let me know if you recognize them and I'll give proper credit). It was difficult for me as I don't understand html, but I really want a blog to be called "mine".

Same story for the blinkie. I knew it was an animation but I did not know how to realize it. The net is a wonderful source of information, the only thing is that you need time, a lot of time. My son and my DH will eventually forgive me for stealing their snuggle-time and for eating pasta during the past two or three days... eh eh eh.

I decided to share with you the solution I've found for posting your personal blinkie linked to your blog. Just go to your blog and click on Layout, then Page Elements From the column on the right select Add A Gadget, Add HTML/Java script and type the following code:

After the first http type your blog address , after alt the name of your blog and after the second http the direct link to the blinkie's image (hosted on your favorite photo hosting service). Just move the blinkie to the place you want and you are done.

J just wanted to add something , on this blog I'm gonna write about my hobbies,not only digital scrap-booking, my beliefs, my discoveries and experiences, my inner thoughts and so on ... above all I beg you for patience with the English language as it is not my mother tongue. I would greatly appreciate error correction so that I can improve, constructive comments and feedback feelings.

That's it for tonight. It's 2.22 and I really need some sleep.

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